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Along with his impressive imagery, Michigan Landscape photographer Brad Terry writes engaging articles for his Outdoor Imaging Blog.  If you’re like me you not only enjoy viewing photographers’ images but also their backgrounds and philosophies – so I can really appreciate Brad’s ‘Photographer Profiles’ which feature several different Michigan photographers and their stories.  You can You can read my ‘Featured Photographer’ Interview here.

Layers of Beauty


Chasing the Auroras

FB ANW_7160-Pano
Autumn in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is magical.  The colors of the changing leaves here are unmatched and the weather can change in a heartbeat.  Once again this year I had the pleasure of traveling to the northwoods to photograph this fall foliage, but the highlight of the trip was photographing the Aurora Borealis over Lake Superior at Eagle Harbor. It had been more than two years since my last encounter with the Auroras and after several misses I was excited to witness this large and dramatic display. The first sign of them came shortly after dark on the night of October 6th but the lights never really developed . After waiting a couple hours I decided to get some sleep, setting my alarm to wake up every hour throughout the night. When I awoke for the third time at 3:30 am, I was stunned to look out and see a large green band high across the northern sky. The moon was to my right and behind me so it illuminated both the lighthouse and the rocks nicely – no light painting was even necessary.  Capturing the band of dancing lights in a single frame was difficult so I leveled my tripod and tilted my camera vertically to create a panorama.  I reshot this scene a couple of times to ensure I would get the shots I needed.  After this hour of incredible visuals the colors began to fade.  I packed up my gear, in awe of what I had just witnessed.
My memory card had a nice number of aurora images from that night but I particularly like this panorama because it demonstrates the drama and scale of the scene that was in front of me that night. This image is comprised of nine vertical images that were stitched together, creating this 66 megapixel image.
Camera Settings 15 seconds @ f/2.8 ISO 1250

Wagner Falls in Winter

FB ANW_6669

Although this popular waterfall near Munising has been photographed many times I always make a point to stop here. It is beautiful in every season but winter is my favorite, and this time I caught it after a heavy snowfall. After hiking through the deep snow which was thigh-deep in some areas, I was able to capture this beauty surrounded by a fresh blanket of powder. I spent some time trying to capture what I felt was the best perspective and this ended up as one of my favorites.
Settings: 1/2 sec @ f/13, ISO 50

You can view more of my winter images here.

Guess What Happens When Six Photographers Meet Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

My friend Aubrieta Hope is a great photographer and writer.  This week she wrote an article as the guest blogger for Pure Michigan, about our photo adventures in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula this fall. Check it out and don’t forget to follow her on Facebook to see all her beautiful images!

2015 Michigan Calendar – The Perfect Christmas Gift

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2015 Michigan Calendar